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Since March 23, 2020, has been a website for you to find information on a wide array of animals. We post animals and special issues about environmental problems especially want to focus on the animals who don't get a voice: the non-mammals, the small animals, the aquatic animals and the sessile animals. Though we have featured animals such as pandas and polar bears, we are trying to feature lesser-known animals, such as Gunnison sage grouse and malabar civets. Please explore the animals we have featured, and recommend an animal for us to feature in the future! is made, run, and updated by teenagers. We hope to make a difference and to inspire other teenagers to help make the world a better place. We recognize that so many animals are endangered because of human influence and climate change, and that we must work together to help the world work naturally again. We believe that there are things you can do even if you are young. 



We make sure that all of our information comes from reputable sources, and we make sure to cite them all. All pictures are used with permission, and/or are taken from the sites we cite at the bottom of each page. We focus on bringing attention to the endangered animals without a voice.  

Image by Sunyu
Image by Suzy Brooks
Image by Miguel Andrade
Image by Andrew Ly
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